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99Micro Servo Winch

by Reef rc

High Torque Digital Coreless

WATERPROOF Not A Submarine

Includes REEFS Micro CNC Spool 

w/ Synthetic Line Approx 40”, and Scale Hook

Internal: Precision Metal Gears

               All CNC Aluminum Casing

Bearing Type: 2BB

Weight: .70oz

Dimension: .

90 x .47 x 1.08 (LWH)

Torque: 89oz @ 6.0v  

              99oz @ 7.4v  

             115oz @ 8.4v

Speed: .11sec @ 6.0v

             .09sec @ 7.4v

             .08sec @ 8.4v

Spline: 25T Micro

Dead Band Width: 2¦Ìs

BEC Not Required