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* Desert Hobbies Is Your Drag Race Headquarters*
*Desert Hobbies Is Your Drag Race Headquarters*

Axial SCX10 II Next-Level Trail-Rated Bearing kit


Take your Axial SCX10 II platform to the Next-Level with this High-Performance Trail-Rated Bearing Kit by Rc Speed Secrets! Born from racing with dominating results like multiple ROAR national championships, King Of The Streets 2021, & Super Chip 2021, we've taken our fast and free bearing design and added only the best in corrosion resistant materials along with our specialty rolling bearing super-grease specifically to produce the best, purpose-built performance TRAIL bearing money can buy. Purpose-built to out-perform and out-last the rest. This is the best bearing on the market when it comes to trail performance and durability. Our purpose-built, trail-rated, high performance crawler bearings were specifically designed to:


  • Increase crawling performance (running any other bearing is like crawling uphill with your brakes on)
  • No Rust- Hit the water without the worry. Built to take a beating on the trail and especially in the water, these are the most corrosive resistant bearings on the market and purpose-built and designed not to rust.


  • (Use Marine Grade Grease Recommended)
  • Increase run times- up to double your run times over other bearing brands
  • Cooler operating temperatures extending the life of all your electronics
  • Decrease mechanical noise- Our smooth buttery bearings reduce noise and offer a quiet smooth operating rig


We've tested our bearings in some of the harshest trail conditions around the globe including the SALT water of the Pacific Ocean and our performance, durability, and corrosion resistance results were absolutely NEXT-LEVEL and unmatched!


Combine our bearings with our Dirt-Defending Super-Lube for maximum bearing life. A must have for every serious Rc enthusiast looking for that extra performance and extended bearing life


Includes: 28- High-Performance Next-Level Trail-Rated Bearings for your Axial SCX10 II