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* Desert Hobbies Is Your Drag Race Headquarters*
*Desert Hobbies Is Your Drag Race Headquarters*

RCSS ALL in 1 Dirt Defending Super Lube/Cleaner with Applicator

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For years  now racers around the globe have been using our Dirt Defending bearing lube/cleaner formula that has resulted in a significant reduction in bearing maintenance frequency & effort, optimizing the life and performance of our Next-Level Hybrid Ceramic Bearings

After 9 months of testing and development in bearing design and lubrication DNA that would not only perform in an environment that was NOT dust/dirt free, but a lube that would accel in such environment. We've released the best stuff on the planet for RCSS Next-Level Hybrid Ceramic Bearings.  This special formula works for all bearing types and brands and has been know to actually bring rough bearings back to life.

So what makes it so great?


  • It cleans while it lubes. We've added our proprietary cleaning agitant that agitates dirt inside the bearing when applied and ejects dirt while in motion. Centrifugal force.
  • The more it turns the more it cleans and ejects contaminants versus most rc lubricants that only attract contaminants being topical versus a penetrant.
  • Like alcohol it evaporates. Therefore not attracting dirt/dust into a wet bearing thus requiring alot less maintenance and better performance/durability over time.
  • It penetrates. Rather than living on top, our formula actually penetrates metals and creates a non-stick surface while conditioning the metal itself.
  • Repels water. (when you combine with our RCSS STAINLESS Hybrid Ceramic Bearing kits and our Super-Lube's water resistance principles, you can be confident that your bearings will not rust from non-operation, mister systems, or over watered tracks. Stainless does not rust or corrode and our lube repels water.
  • VERY user friendly applicator. Includes a Fine tip 45 degree bent tip for laser sharp accuracy.
  • Travel Cap. We include a convenient travel cap to use when stored or traveling.
  • Results are a cleaner, faster, more consistent, more durable longer lasting bearing
  • It's an Anti-seize as well
  • Viscosity thinner than water to easily reach behind your bearing seals/shields
  • Use it on anything needing lubrication even around the house in place of WD40 type products. You'll be amazed.


  • Qty (1) Bottle of RCSS Bearing Lube-Cleaner
  • Qty (1) Applicator with Fine 45 degree bent tip for precise laser sharp accuracy.
  • QTY (1) Travel cap


  • Due to the evaporative nature of our Super-Lube the travel cap must be used when stored. Use the resealable bag provided to keep all components neatly stored.
  • Our lube helps to minimize maintenance, not eliminate it entirely.
  • For best bearing performance, use lube on all reachable bearings every track day before you run, We recommend removing and cleaning all bearings with a citrus based degreaser once every 6-8 weeks depending on how much you run.