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* Desert Hobbies Is Your Drone And Drag Racing Headquarters*
* Desert Hobbies Is Your Drone And Drag Racing Headquarters*

RCSS Associated dr10/B6.3/B6.2/B6.1 series 3.5mm Beast Mode Titanium Turnbuckle Set (Bada Bling, Black, Blue, Gold, Green and Natural Finishes)

Color: Green

Tired of bending and breaking 3mm diameter turnbuckles?

Nearly bulletproof, our Rc Speed Secrets Severe-Duty 3.5mm design gives you the strength and confidence you need over 3mm stock sizes. We offer a higher level of design, performance, and up to 6 quick ship finish options.

At 2020 speeds, and with carpet and turf on the rise in popularity globally, (we all know how hard those surfaces are on our equipment) it is more necessary today than ever before to upgrade to 3.5mm turnbuckles.

 We can't win if we don't finish!

  • Offered up in 6 of our industry's-best premium finishes:
  • Natural, Bada' Bling, Stealth Black, Monsta' Green, Gold and Blue
  • Natural colored channeled centers for optimal weight reduction and the ultimate in contrast and bling factor
  • Sold in kits or pairs. Pairs for easy build-your-own-kits/replacement/and for color-matching spares
  • Severe-Duty 3.5mm diameter for maximum durability
  • Finish quality second to none
  • #RcJewelry
  • Matching accessories to help you customize your ride, look your best, and stand out from the crowd on and off the track

Pro Tip: We provide the drill bit necessary to drill out your ball cups. It's quick and simple to do and the peace of mind and durability 3.5mm brings is worth your time.

            Use a dab of black grease on the threads before installing plastic rod ends.