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Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro

by Reef rc

The Triple4 Smart Winch can be used as a Winch or Steering servo!

Switch from Winch to Steering servo with a couple clicks on our REEFS Software! 

Fully Programmable

High Torque High Speed

Brushless Servo or Servo Winch


7075 LowPro CNC SPOOL w/ Clear Finish 

7’ Silicone Coated Steel Braided Line, 

w/ Scale Recovery Hook

Magnetic Angle Sensor / Voltage 4.8V - 8.4V

REEFS LINK required for Programming 

Internal: Steel Gears / CNC Aluminum Casing

Bearing Type: 2 Ball Bearings / Weight: 2.3oz

Dimension: 1.6 x .79 x 1.16 (LWH)

Torque: 350oz @ 6v/ 420oz @7.4v/ 444oz @8.4v

Speed: .09sec @6v/.08sec @7.4v/.068sec @8.4v

Spline: 25T / Dead Band Width: 2¦Ìs

BEC Not Req. Recommended for max performance